Bus from Copenhagen to Milan

Distance from Copenhagen to Milan

Copenhagen is in Denmark, which is mostly considered North Europe. Milano of course is in Italy, South Europe. It is no surprise that the distance from Copenhagen to Milan is very long – over 1,400 km by road.

Copenhagen to Milan: flying, train, or bus

Most people prefer to fly between Copenhagen and Milan, although that can be difficult when you are on budget. Especially Copenhagen is not as well covered by low-cost airlines as most other big European cities. Other options how to get from Copenhagen to Milan are train and bus. Travel times and prices are comparable and so is the comfort level.

Buses from Copenhagen to Milan

There are no regular bus services which would connect Copenhagen and Milan directly. You need to change bus on the way, typically somewhere in Germany. You will also probably (at least that is the present situation – late 2011) need to book bus tickets separately, as the carriers are different on Denmark-Germany buses and Germany-Italy buses.

Where to change bus on the way from Copenhagen to Milan

The best place for interchange is definitely Berlin. As the capital of Germany Berlin has frequent (at least two daily) bus connections to Copenhagen. It is a bit worse with connections to Milan, but still better than most other German cities. Berlin is also a very interesting destination by itself and offers plenty of shops, restaurants, attractions, and entertainment, in case you need to wait a few hours between buses.

Copenhagen to Milan bus tickets and more info

For detailed information such as bus timetables and prices, as well as for bus ticket booking, visit the websites of the carriers:

Bus stations in Copenhagen and Milan

Copenhagen bus station location

Long distance buses depart from Ingerslevsgade Bus Station in Copenhagen. Don’t be surprised if you can’t find any terminal building – Ingerslevsgade is rather a bus stop than bus station. It is located close to Copenhagen Main Railway Station and Tivoli Park.

Milan bus station location

The main bus station for international buses in Milan is Lampugnano (metro station of the same name on line M1) and that is where your bus from Berlin will most likely arrive. Some buses to Berlin depart from other places (e.g Sesto San Giovanni – Piazza Primo Maggio). Always make sure you know the departure location before you travel.