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Hotels near Milan Porta Garibaldi Train Station

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Milano Porta Garibaldi Railway Station

Porta Garibaldi Train Station is one of the two largest railway stations in Milan, together with the nearby Milano Centrale. While Milano Centrale dominates long distance train traffic, Porta Garibaldi is the main hub for Milan S-trains and regional traffic. Porta Garibaldi Station is located at Piazza Sigmund Freud in the northern part of Milan inner city. Major streets near Porta Garibaldi Station include Via Giuseppe Ferrari, Via Carlo Farini, and Via Ceresio. Porta Garibaldi (often written P.ta Garibaldi or just Garibaldi) is also a busy metro station on line M2.

Hotels near Porta Garibaldi Train Station in Milan

Virtually all the hotels closest to Porta Garibaldi Train Station are 4 star hotels, though you will also find a few 3 star or 5 star hotels within 5-10 minutes walk from the station. Most hotels are located in Via Giuseppe Ferrari, Viale Luigi Sturzo, or on Corso Como (a popular shopping area south of Garibaldi Station).

Milan Porta Garibaldi Station hotel booking

It is recommended to book accommodation well in advance, especially when you are planning to come in the peak summer season, around public holidays, or on a big event in Milan. Many hotels in Milan are sold out on various occasions throughout the year.

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