Comune San Siro on Lake Como

Merged Sant’Abbondio and Santa Maria Rezzonico

The comune of San Siro was created as recently as on 1 January 2003. Following a civic referendum the two previously separate comuni of Sant’Abbondio (south) and Santa Maria Rezzonico (north) were combined into the newly originated San Siro.

The comune of San Siro has a population of less than 2,000 and surface area of 18.55 square kilometres. San Siro consists of 20 parts (frazioni).

San Siro location

The comune San Siro is located in the Province of Como on the north-western coast of Lake Como north of Menaggio and south of Cremia. The other comuni bordering to San Siro are Plesio and (across the lake in the Province of Lecco) Bellano, Dervio, and Perledo.

It is approximately 38 km far from the city of Como and about 90 km far from Milan. Note that the comune of San Siro has nothing to do with the famous horse-racing and football district of the city of Milan bearing the same name.

Hiking on Monte Bregagno

Besides Lake Como itself and its beautiful sceneries, San Siro is a great hub for hiking. There is a nice view of the lake from the mountain range overlooking the town with 3 main peaks: Monte Bregagno (2,107m), Bregagnino (1,950m), and Monte Grona (1,736m). Several trekking paths cross the whole range. On the way you can observe numerous species of animals, trees, and plants.

History, churches, and castles

The place has a long history and evidence of that can be found there. There is an old castle overlooking Rezzonico, built in the 14th century. Close to the castle there are remains of a medieval tower called Castellaccio. There are also ruins from Roman times, especially the fortress in Santa Maria. The material from the remains of the fortress was reportedly used for construction of the nearby parish church of Santa Maria Assunta (built in the 15th century). Among other attractions, a rural house in Carcente hosts the Museum of Rural Life.

How to get there

The Strada Statale (state road) Regina marked SS340 (or SS340dir north of Menaggio) runs all the way along the west coast of Lake Como and passes through San Siro.