Train from Milan to Lecco

Travel to Lake Como over Lecco

The city of Lecco is (together with Como) the biggest and closest to Milan among the towns along the coast of Lake Como. Therefore it is a natural hub for travelling from Milan to the Lake Como area. While Como is more suitable when you travel to the western coast of Lake Como, Lecco is ideal hub for the eastern coast (although it is easy to cross Lake Como by boat on many places).

Regional trains between Milan and Lecco

The route from Milan to Lecco is about 50 km long and is served by direct regional trains. The journey from Milano Centrale to Lecco station takes about 40 minutes and costs EUR 3.60 (EUR 5.40 in the first class, which is not available in all trains though).

The frequency of trains is good, but not as high as on the Milan-Como line. Trains to Lecco depart from Milan almost every hour during the day, but there are some two hour gaps.

Milano Centrale

Milano Centrale is the main railway station in Milan and is easily accessible by metro from any place within the city. It also has frequent and fast bus connections with the Milan Malpensa Airport and the buses stop just next to the station building. Naturally, there are outstanding train services connecting Milano Centrale with all major Italian and nearby European cities.