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Milano, Milan, Italy

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Palazzo Marino (Milan City Hall)

Palazzo Marino, picture of the side facing Piazza della Scala. The palace's history from Tommaso Marino to Milan city hall. Milano pictures.

Fiera Milano and San Siro This Way

Sign showing the direction to Fiera Milano and San Siro. Basic information and directions to Fiera Milano City, Rho Fiera, and San Siro stadiums.

Piazza della Scala and Leonardo da Vinci Monument

Piazza della Scala, the square in front of La Scala opera house in Milano city centre. Leonardo da Vinci statue at Piazza della Scala. Milano pictures.

Hotels near Milan Porta Genova Station

Hotels close to Stazione di Milano Porta Genova, metro and train station in Milan. Accommodation near Darsena Canal and Corso Cristoforo Colombo.

Via G. B. Pirelli Street Sign in Milan

Picture of the street sign of Via G. B. Pirelli in Milano. Basic info about Giovanni Battista Pirelli and Pirelli company. Places near Via Pirelli.

Hotels near Piola Metro Station in Milan

Accommodation close to Piola station on Milan metro line M2. Hotels near Piazzale Gabrio Piola, Viale Lombardia, and Viale Romagna.

Pirelli Skyscraper in Milan (Piazza Duca d’Aosta)

Pirelli Tower at Piazza Duca d'Aosta in Milano. Picture and basic information about Pirelli Skyscraper and Piazza Aosta.

Hotels near Milan Sant’Agostino Metro Station

Hotels close to Sant'Agostino metro station in Milano. Accommodation near Viale Papiniano (markets) and Parco Don Giussani.

Hotels near Milano Porta Vittoria Station

Hotels close to Porta Vittoria train station in Milan. Accommodation near Corso 22 Marzo, Viale Corsica, and Viale Molise.

Milano Centrale Train Station: Front Side Detail

Photo of the central front part of Milano Centrale railway station building at Piazza Duca d'Aosta in Milan. Basic info about the station's history and presence.