Duomo Spires and Roof Walk

The Cathedral of Milano is usually referred to as Duomo (like cathedrals in other Italian cities).

Duomo Spires and Roof Walk

Milan Duomo will get your attention immediately as you approach it. It is a very large structure – it occupies more area than most other cathedrals and churches. In fact, Milan Duomo is the fourth-largest church in the world.

Design and Exterior Decoration

In spite of its size and thanks to its design, Milan Duomo feels very light and elegant. Its facade is white or unusually bright and at the top the Duomo is decorated with thousands (3,400 to be more precise) little spires. The Duomo presents the Gothic style at its finest, although it took five centuries to complete the cathedral and it was finished as recently as 1965 (reportedly even now there are still a few uncarved stone blocks left to be transformed to statues).

Walking on the Roof of Milan Duomo

Tourists can take a walk on the roof of the magnificent cathedral and see the 3,400 spires from close proximity. The Duomo roof walk naturally also offers great views of the whole city.