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Hotels near Santa Maria delle Grazie Church in Milan

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Find accommodation near Santa Maria delle Grazie now

Search hotels near Santa Maria delle Grazie, the church famous for its painting The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci:

Santa Maria delle Grazie Church and Monastery in Milan

The church and Dominican monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie (Holy Mary of Grace) is situated in the western part of Milan’s greater city centre between Corso Magenta, Via Fratelli Ruffini, and Via Caradosso (streets). The square in front of the church is Piazza Santa Maria delle Grazie. Other nearby squares are Piazza Virgilio, Piazza Giovine Italia, and Piazza della Conziliazione (with the nearest metro station – Conciliazione).

Getting to the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie

The most convenient public transport connection between the historical centre and Santa Maria delle Grazie is the tram number 16 from Dante Cordusio Metro Station (the tram stop is Magenta S. Maria delle Grazie, it takes 7-10 minutes).

Hotels near Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan

The number of hotels near Santa Maria delle Grazie Church is very limited, because this location is slightly outside the main tourist districts.

Other hotel locations near Santa Maria delle Grazie

Among the places in Milan’s historical centre (the primary tourist district with many hotels) with good access to Santa Maria delle Grazie Church are those near the tram line 16 in the south-western part of the centre, such as Dante Cordusio Station or Duomo Station – both are very close to most top landmarks like La Scala or Milano Cathedral.

Another very popular hotel district in Milan is the area next to Milano Centrale Train Station, though that is relatively far from Santa Maria delle Grazie (but with convenient metro connection to Cadorna or Conciliazione, the stations closest to Santa Maria Church).

Milan Santa Maria delle Grazie hotel booking

Book your hotel early, especially if you are coming in busy periods or you are not flexible with dates.

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