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This page covers hotels and hotel locations in and near Viale Abruzzi, a major street in Milan. You can sort or filter the hotels by stars, price, guest review rating, or location:

Viale Abruzzi in Milano

Viale Abruzzi is one of the main streets in the north-eastern part of Milano city centre. There are many shops and restaurants in Viale Abruzzi. There is also the big cinema complex, Plinius Multisala, approximately in the middle of Viale Abruzzi.

Viale Abruzzi location and other nearby places

Viale Abruzzi goes from Piazzale Loreto to Piazza Graziadio Isaia Ascoli. Other major piazzas near Viale Abruzzi are Piazza Argentina and Piazzale Francesco Bacone. Important streets which cross or run near Viale Abruzzi include Viale Gran Sasso, Via Plinio, Via Givanni Pascoli, and many others.

Hotels in and near Viale Abruzzi

Viale Abruzzi is a lively street with plenty of things to do, but there are not many hotels directly in Viale Abruzzi. However, you will find many good hotels in the other nearby streets, including particularly Corso Buenos Aires, which runs from Piazzale Loreto to the south-west, at a slight angle to Viale Abruzzi. There are also several hotels at and near Piazzale Loreto and many hotels in Viale Andrea Doria, the street which connects Loreto with Piazza Duca d’Aosta (and Milano Centrale Train Station). In sum, there are far more hotels near the northern section of Viale Abruzzi (near Loreto) than in the south (near Piazza Graziadio Isaia Ascoli).

Other hotel locations close to Viale Abruzzi

Hotels near metro stations close to Viale Abruzzi

There are several metro stations within a few minutes walk from Viale Abruzzi. Most these stations have at least several good hotels in close proximity. Most hotels in these areas have 3 or 4 stars:

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