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This page covers best hotel locations and accommodation near Cairoli Castello Metro Station in Milan historical centre, hotels near Largo Cairoli, Piazza Castello, Sforza Castle, and Via Dante. You can sort or filter the hotels by location, stars, guest review rating, or room rate:

Milan Cairoli Castello Metro Station

Cairoli Castello (or just Cairoli) is a metro station on metro line M1 in Milan. It is situated between Cadorna FNM Triennale and Dante Cordusio stations. Cairoli Castello station is in a beautiful neighbourhood of some of the finest historical buildings and landmarks in Milan, including Sforza Castle (the castle with the famous Pinacoteca museum with Leonardo and Michelangelo works), Santa Maria della Consolazione church, or Teatro Dal Verme.

Largo Cairoli square

Largo Cairoli, the square above Cairoli Castello Station, is one of the best known squares in Milan. It is a local transport hub with tram and bus connections to various parts of Milan. It is located on the way between Sforza Castle and Duomo (Cathedral) and popular with tourists. It is also in the middle of Foro Buonaparte, the half-circle street around Sforza Castle.

Hotels close to Cairoli Station in Milan

There are numerous hotels near Cairoli Castello Station. Most of them are 3 star or 4 star hotels, but given the good address of the place, you will also find a few 5 star hotels. Most hotels are situated in the streets to the east or south-east from Largo Cairoli, towards Piazza Cordusio, Piazza del Duomo, and Teatro alla Scala (La Scala Theatre).

Other hotel locations near Cairoli Castello Station

There are also a few hotels around Cadorna Train Station (the other direction from Cairoli), but the number of hotels is quite low. More hotels can be found around Porta Garibaldi Station, 20 minutes walk of 4 metro stops from Cairoli to the north. These are good places to stay if you want direct access to Milan S-train network and plan to travel to various places in the Greater Milan area.

Another very popular hotel district is near Milan Central Train Station, but that is already quite far (10 minutes by metro) from Cairoli Castello.

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