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Hotels near Repubblica Station in Milan

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This page covers accommodation tips and hotel locations near Repubblica metro and train station and Piazza della Repubblica in Milano city centre.

Milan Repubblica Metro Station

Repubblica is a busy metro and S-train station at Piazza della Repubblica in Milano city centre. It is located on the way from Centrale Train Station to Milan Cathedral (Duomo). Major streets near Repubblica Station are Via Vittor Pisani, Viale Monte Santo, Viale Citta di Fiume, and Viale della Liberazione. Other nearby streets include Via Filippo Turati, Viale Vittorio Veneto, and Via Galileo Galilei. Besides metro and trains, Repubblica is also a big tram interchange with direct connections to various parts of Milan.

Hotels near Milan Repubblica Station

There are many hotels close to Repubblica Station. The highest concentration of hotels is in the streets between Viale Citta di Fiume and Viale Tunisia (especially in Via Panfilo Castaldi and Via Camillo Finocchiaro Aprile). Most hotels near Repubblica Station have 3 or 4 stars, but there are also a few 5 star hotels nearby.

Other hotel locations near Repubblica Metro Station

There are several other very popular hotel locations close to Piazza della Repubblica. Many hotels are available around other metro stations, 1-3 stops from Repubblica. Among the best places to stay are Milano Centrale (next metro stop after Repubblica; on the other end of Via Vittor Pisani), Porta Garibaldi Station (next S-train stop after Repubblica), or the historical centre (Montenapoleone, Duomo, or Dante Cordusio metro stations).

Booking Milan Repubblica Metro Station hotels

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