Hotels near Garibaldi Metro Station in Milan

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This page covers best hotel locations near Porta Garibaldi train and metro station in Milano city centre.

Milan Garibaldi Metro and Train Station

Porta Garibaldi is a metro station on line M2, but above all the main station for suburban and regional trains and one of the two biggest railway stations in Milan (the other is Milano Centrale, 2 metro stops from Garibaldi).

Garibaldi Station location

Garibaldi train and metro station is situated at Piazza Sigmund Freud, a square adjacent to Viale Luigi Sturzo. It is near several other important places, shops, and landmarks – among them Corso Como (shopping area) or Cimitero Monumentale (Milan’s Monumental Cemetery with a remarkable main building, many artfully decorated tombs, and graves of many famous people).

Hotels near Garibaldi FS Metro Station in Milan

The streets around Garibaldi Station represent a very popular hotel district. There are several 4 star hotels immediately next to Garibaldi Station and more hotels in various price categories nearby. The highest concentration of hotels can be found in the streets between Garibaldi and Repubblica (a large piazza and the next S-train stop).

Other popular hotel locations near Garibaldi

Other popular hotel locations with good public transport connections to Garibaldi Station include Centrale (Milan Main Train Station, 2 metro stops from Garibaldi) or the area around Sforza Castle (the metro stations are Lanza – on line M2, 2 stops from Garibaldi – and Cairoli).

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